what is spring

Spring is open source lightweight framework developed by Rod Johnson in 2003.

This is lightweight because of its POJO(plain old java object) class implementation.
Spring can be thought as a framework of frameworks as it support multiple frameworks like struts, hibernate, EJB, JMX etc. Spring Framwork can be easily integrated with other . Like it can be integrate with JSF or Struts . With integration of spring we can use feature of spring in other framework .Easily integration of spring with other framework is also reason for its popularity.

The complete spring framework can be seen composed of following module.


Spring framework

All the module are built over the spring core module.

In the subsequent tutorials i will discuss all the modules.

Advantage of using spring framework:-

1)Lightweight framework , so application built with will require less less resources  and  memory.

2)Easy to develop application.As spring support multiple frameworks so it take advantages of

all the framework which it support. E.g advantage of ORM tools to persist data, web,servlet,struts for

making J2EE application .

3)Easy testing because it doesn’t require the application server to be in running mode all the time while debugging .

4)It make use of Ioc(Inversion of control ) and dependency inversion.If you dont know these two term don’t worry

i will cover in depth with some good example in the subsequent tutorials.

5)Support to Mvc architecture approach.


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