Ubuntu Useful Commands

In this post of tutorials we will see some of very useful command of Ubuntu. Linux system are better than windows. We get more productivity and as a developer it feel better working on linux system than windows system. Personally i always prefer Ubuntu. Here are some of very useful commands that we use most often.

rsync command

This is one of most important command for Ubuntu users. rsync command is used to copy any file of directory from one Ubuntu system to other Ubuntu system.

Here is syntax of rsync command when you are sending some file  from your system to other system.

rsync -avz  <directory or file path> <space> <username of remote system>@<IP address of remote system>:<Intended directory of remote system>


rsync -avz /home/dev/preprod/WebContent/education.jsp javafreakers@

When you transfer some file from remote machine to local machine

rsync -avz javafreakers@ /home/dev/

Optionally you can add –progress after -avz to see progress of file transfer like below

rsync -avz –progress javafreakers@ /home/dev/



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