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Most important java/JEE interview question and concept

In this post of java tutorial we will see some of most important java interview question. These questions are asked most frequently. Although question may vary depending on the interviewer , experience level and job profile but these are some basic question that you may face.  These questions are mixed from core java, java concept, […]


get servletContext object in simple java class


In this post of servlet tutorial we will see how to get get servletContext object in simple java class. Few days back i encounter problem related to servletContext. In my problem i was need to get getRealPath of upload folder in my application deployment directory. The pain point of the problem was that eclipse deploy application in .metadata\.plugins\org.eclipse.wst.server.core\tmp0\wtpwebapps\ directory […]


How to connect Mysql using command line (cmd)

Hi in this post we will see how to connect mysql database using command line(cmd) .Many time it may happen that we don’t have UI( like MySql Yog) to interact with database or we may want to run sql queries in command line instead of standard database editor. It is very simple we just need […]


Servlet file upload example in java

Servelt File Upload

In this post of java tutorial i will post about how to upload file in java and what is best method of file upload. There are 2 ways to upload file. Store your file in database Store file path in database and the actual file in disk space. Now what is difference in both the […]