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Salesforce Important interview questions

Hi in this post of salesforce article i am going to share salesforce interview questions that my friend Ankit Jain has shared. Some of questions are answered some need to be answered. Hope these questions may help you. Please do share if you have more questions in salesforce and java. 1. Name three Governor Limits […]


How To Add Custom Button In List View Of Standard Object In SalesForce

In this post of salesforce tutorial we will see how to add custom button in list view of standard object like lead or contact etc. in salesforce . To add custom button in list view we need to create button.So we will also see how to create button for salesforce custom object. In this we […]


What is saleforce

salesforce is a platform for creating and deploying cloud apps.Your apps run on a secure, proven service that scales, tunes, and backs up data automatically.   Why use World-class data centers with backup, failover, disaster-recovery. Force platform enable you to develop app with your colleagues .you can work more effectively as a team because […]