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Hi in this post i am going to tell few points that will surly help you if you are going for an interview. This points are as important as your knowledge in the interview. So here are the points.

Reach on time

When ever you go for interview make sure you reach 10 -15 minutes earlier . If you are travelling long distance for face to face interview then schedule your visit so that you can reach on time.  My success percentage in interview is 100% when i reach at the interview venue 15 minutes earlier. It give me time to relax.  Also it gives positive impression of you. It shows that you are punctual.

Research about company

This point is very very important. This point usually comes into play generally when you have reached to managerial round or HR round. If you are going in product based organization then know about the products of company. I am not saying read the whole information. At Least have some information so that you can say yes i know about your company and you can ask question about the company based on the information. This question help when the interview say Do you have any Question for Me.

Have knowledge of everything you mentioned in resume

Because of this point i got rejected sometimes.  make sure your resume do not have skills in which you are not good. For example if you are going for Java developer interview and you have prepared for it. Now you have mentioned java script html css and jquery etc in your resume. There are good chances that interviewer may ask you question from java script html css and jquery if the interview have knowledges. Do not increase size of resume by putting un- necessary skills in your resume.

Know your technical projects

As the part of preparation, you should focus on two or three technical projects that you should deeply master. Ideally most recent projects. Most common questions from your project could be following

  1. Challenging part of each project. This question is most frequently in technical rounds or managerial rounds. They want to know how you think and your problem solving skills is assessed based on your answer. There can be few more question  based on your answer. So have deep knowledge of your 2-3 projects.
  2. Your role in the projects.
  3. For the projects be able to talk about challenges, mistakes, technical decisions, choice of technology.
  4. Work flow of each project. This question is very very important and is asked almost in every interview.
  5. For more than 3 year experience person project architecture can be asked.

Be polite

Please be polite with the interviewer. No one going to buy your attitude in the interview. I have seen few related  videos where they show attitude matters. But the reality is different. In the interview you need to be polite. Do not show arrogant behavior. Event if you are not agree with any point decline it politely or ask your question politely. Do not sound arrogant.

Some companies where there are multiple rounds of interview you may not feel comfortable in the initials rounds, because questions may be below your level or you are not expecting according to your experience level. So do not judge about the interview process.  This has happened with me. In the initials two rounds they ask me questions that i thought below my level. Even any fresher can answer those questions. After those two round next few rounds went extremely well. More challenging questions come up. I was very happy by the end. So keep patience.

Be specific, limit details

When a candidate blabber about the problem, it is hard for the interviewer to understand who is not well versed with the subject or project. Stay light on details and state only key points.  You can always offer the interviewer the opportunity to drill in further by saying i can go into more details if you would like.


This is all in the post. Hope it will help you in your next interview. Keep learning. Stay blessed. Happy New Year.

About the Author: devender kumar

java/j2EE developer

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